How to Install Pycharm IDE for Windows and Create First Python Project

Python is very popular and one of the widely used programming languages for web and application development across the globe. For developing applications in Python language, we need a IDE (Integrated Development Environment) . PyCharm is an integrated development environment (IDE) which is very famous for Python Programming. It is maintained and developed by the Czech company JetBrains. It provides various features such as code analysis, a graphical debugger, an integrated unit tester, integration with version control systems etc. In this tutorial, we will learn how to install PyCharm IDE on Windows Platform and start first Python Project.


  • Windows Machine with Python Installed in it.
  • Good Internet Connection

Downloading PyCharm

You have to download Pycharm IDE first, click here to download it from official site. There are two versions of PyCharm

  • Professional
  • Community

Then click the “Download” under the Community Section if you want the free and open source version. Professional version is licensed version.

pycharm download

After clicking on Download button and save package in your machine.

pycharm install

Installing PyCharm

After Pycharm is downloaded successfully, run the PyCharm.exe installer.

PyCharm Setup Wizard

A setup dialogue box will appear it is called setup wizard. On the setup wizard, click Next.

pycharm install setup wizard

Choose Install Location

Here you can choose your desired installation location. By default, it create a directory in C:// drive, you can change the default location by clicking on browse.

pycharm install location

After choosing installation location, click on Next.

Installation Options

Next you can choose few options with the new PyCharm installation. You can create desktop shortcut, update path variables, context menu and create associations. You can select options whichever you needed.

pycharm install options

Once you select desired installation options, then click Next.

Choose Start Menu Folder

You can select the start menu folder while starting PyCharm. By Default, Jetbrains is selected over there. You can choose as per your requirement.

pycharm install

After clicking on Next, installation will be started. You have to wait until it is finished

pycharm install latest edition

Completing PyCharm Community Edition Setup

Once installation progress is finished, you will get a next screen asking to reboot the machine. You can restart your system immediately or later manually. Now Click Finish.

pycharm install restart system

Congratulations! PyCharm IDE is ready to use.

Create First Project and Set the Virtual Environment

There are few steps to setup the environment and create first project. The steps are as follows:

Step:1- Click New Project.

setting up pycharm

Step:2- Set the project directory and name of the project. Here, the project name is First Project in the “E:\Python Blog\Python projects” directory. Then click Create.

setting up pycharm

step:3-Now you have to go to settings option in pycharm interface. Click File then click Settings…

setting up pycharm

Step:4- Next you need to set the virtual environment. Click Project Interpreter then settings icon and then click Add. Set the directory and name of the virtual environment. Here, the virtual environment name is vnv_first in the “E:\Python Blog\Python projects\First Project\venv\” directory. Then click “Ok”.

setting up pycharm

Step:5- Now check the virtual environment is ready to use. Just go to Terminal.

setting up pycharm


Hence. you learnt here how to Install Pycharm IDE for Windows and create first Python Project. I hope you successfully implement all these settings in your machine. Thanks!!

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