Python Data Types

Data Type represent the type of data present inside a variable. In Python, you are not required to specify the data type explicitly. Based on value provided, data type will be assigned automatically. For instance, a person’s age is stored as a numeric value and his or her address is stored as alphanumeric characters. Hence Python is Dynamically Typed Language.

Python contains the following built-in data types.

Example Data Type
Text Type str
Numeric Types int, float, complex
Sequence Types list, tuple, range
Mapping Type dictionary (also known as dict)
Set Types set, frozenset
Boolean Type bool
Binary Types bytes, bytearray, memoryview

Setting the Data Type

In Python, the data type is set by default when you assign a value to a variable.

Example Data Type
x = “Hello World” str
x = 10 int
x = 10.5 float
x = 10j complex
x = [“Amar”, “Akbar”, “Anthony”] list
x = (“Amar”, “Akbar”, “Anthony”) tuple
x = range(5) range
x = {“name” : “Ravi”, “age” : 26} dict
x = {“Amar”, “Akbar”, “Anthony”} set
x = frozenset({“Amar”, “Akbar”, “Anthony”}) frozenset
x = True bool
x = b”Hello” bytes
x = bytearray(10) bytearray
x = memoryview(bytes(10)) memoryview

Setting the Specific Data Type

If you want to set the specific data type manually, you can use the following constructor.

Example Data Type
x = str(“Hello World”) str
x = int(10) int
x = float(10.5) float
x = complex(10j) complex
x = list((“Amar”, “Akbar”, “Anthony”)) list
x = tuple((“Amar”, “Akbar”, “Anthony”)) tuple
x = range(5) range
x = dict(“name” : “Ravi”, “age” : 26) dict
x = set((“Amar”, “Akbar”, “Anthony”)) set
x = frozenset((“Amar”, “Akbar”, “Anthony”)) frozenset
x = bool(10) bool
x = bytes(10) bytes
x = bytearray(10) bytearray
x = memoryview(bytes(10)) memoryview

Getting the Data Type

You can get the data type by using the type() function.

x = 5


<class 'int'>

So far we have described the data type used in Python programming language. I hope you got a better understanding of Built-in data types in python. 

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